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Classic SY 8/8kva
Classic SY 12/16kva
Classic SY 16/16kva
Rackmount RM 6/6kva
Powerframe PF 12/16kva
Modern LX 8/16kva
Modern LX 12/16kva
Extended Run LX xl 8/16kva
Extended Run LX xl 16/16kva
3phase PX 20/40kva
3phase PX 40/40kva
3phase PX 60/80kva
Add Ons / Accessories
  The POWERFRAME - PF series of Symmetras were briefly available and served as a larger RM Rackmount version. Like the RM series, they offer 3 wires power (meaning no 120volt or ability to connect to a panel) but have rear output receptacles for plug and play use. Still hundreds less than the newer 4wire LX units, the PF series is your best bet for a rack array  
Powerframe Rack 12/16kva [SYPF12KT]
ROOM TO GROW - Three 4k power mods with 3 batteries
Add addaitional Power Mod for 16k or 12k N+1 operation
Mint condition shells available with backplates included
PRICE: $3750
Powerframe Rack 16/16kva [SYPF12KT]
FULL SYSTEM - Four 4k power mods with 4 batteries
This 16kva rack system is hundreds cheaper than new LX series
3 wire system, ideal for power rack array
PRICE: $4750
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